Death realm is stupid, and cheap, and I say this as a Morde player. Revert Morde's ult.

Death realm sucks, I had a game where I got super fed and literally every champ on their team bought QSS, even the support. Sure is nice to have no R key and 0 ability to win team fights despite having all the gold. This ult is just uninteresting, feels unfair, and is a cheap ball of stats ult, that can either be made useless with 1300 gold, or just continuously grind the enemy into dust, while making Morde ungankable. It's dumb and not interesting other than being cool to look at. Bring back Morde old R, with ghosts and Dragon ghost. Now that was a cool and unique ult that isn't just a super fiora ult. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
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