Elo Hell Isn't Real - If you are stuck in ____ rank it is your fault.

Hey I'm back to say the same thing I always post about! (even copy and pasted my post) Every single day I watch a youtube video or look at forums or look at anything at all on the internet that has to due with League I see people complaining about how they can't carry and how their teams are just so bad and they hold them back. Yet these same people either have 10 games played in ranked which is NOWHERE near how many games they need to show their real rank (whether it is the same, lower, or higher) or they have 900 games in b3 with a 48% winrate (more or less exaggerated, but you get the point). If you can't climb out of a specific rank, it is because you are not good enough to do so. If you were a better player than your rank you will climb. The fact that boosting is even a thing is proof that this is true, do people pay other people to be luckier on their accounts? No. They pay them to win games because they are better than them. Especially in bronze, if you are good enough literally almost every single game is winnable. Proof: http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=3+card+deal Added stuff based on last post: No Silver is not hard. Is it harder than bronze? I mean obviously it is. "Oh but in silver is where all the smurfs are, and and and all the new players that are in placements and I just can't win because of that!" Wow I had no idea that there were smurfs or new players in league of legends! It's almost like every game is not winnable and also almost like the games that have smurfs/brand new players are a minimal amount of the games you play.

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