Talon Rework and Your Thoughts on it

Red Post Collection: Talon update direction, Ask Riot - Bugs & Player Behavior, Clubs added to app, & more!
Tonight's red post collection includes a direction for Talon's assassin class update, a new edition of Ask Riot on player behavior & bugs, Clubs added to the LoL mobile app, an fan artist feature on Ze, and more! Continue reading for more information!
So, as many of you have seen, on Surrender@20 Talon is getting a rework. As someone who plays Talon quite frequently for a level 21, I am interested by your thoughts on whether he will be good/bad and if his play style will change dramatically. (I, for one, think he will become a mobile assassin that needs more sticking power to do damage.) I am curious to see especially what non Talon players think about the rework.
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