Game is now more than ever about playing broken champs to win.

There's no more real counterplay, because broken champs have almost everything in their kit, no weak point and if you're not a meta sheep, your chances of winning drop drastically even vs. lower tier players, just cuz you haven't played riots golden boy champs. How do you stop a fed jax/irelia/riven etc... Sheeps playing sejuani and getting better teammates, have fun losing cuz you can't do anything. There's no strategy to winning games, it's kill people in 0.5 secs with broken champs or be lucky and get better teammates. It's so stupid and it's the reason this is the first year in 6 seasons I haven't started solo q. I just don't know what to play, I never mained meta shit and this season is all about that. I don't wanna uninstall league, but it's becoming really hard to press play.
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