Tell me that promos aren't rigged ?

I was smurfing on my silver euw account, played 15 games, won 85% of them, feeding teammates yes, but I could carry. But soon as I get into promos, my team was 0/10 hardcore feeding in the first 5 mins. Literally I heard "an ally has been slain" 10 times in 5-6 mins. And not only that, I was trying to carry and muted them all, but not only one, but 2 of them went afk. I never had a player go afk in my recent games,not until I went into promos. And nobody fed so hard in the first 5 mins, not until I got into promos. 2nd game of promos I have 15 kills, but my top laner loses to LITERALLY GNAR BUILDING CRIT ITEMS, and my bot lane lost inhib tower at 14 mins. This isn't just because of this experience, I've played ranked since season 4 and this garbage system has been doing this the whole time. Especially when I reach my elo low diamond or some shit and you win 2-3 games in a row for promos and you can see the same shit. I couldn't even carry vs. this system in low silver LOL literally 20 deaths in 15 mins and 2 afks. Yeah, ok.
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