What a nicely designed champion

Who agrees that Illaoi is one of the most balanced and fair champs that Riot released? A champion that auto-wins against anyone in 2 sec at level 6 despite being 1500gold, 2 kills and 1 level behind is good and healthy for the game. Why should a player worry about laning phase or doing good when he can just press R every 60~ secs and win any sort of engagement ? Ah I know the counterplay here was to wait for my jungler despite me having 1500 gold and 1 level lead. My plan was to bait out his ulti and dip out but I must've forgot that Illaoi is capable of 1 shotting you with doran blade as his only damage item, heh, silly me. Hopefully this new Juggernaut Riot promised will be similar to Illaoi, we need more champs that anyone can pick and then press 1 button to win. He sure outplayed me there! Now IMAGINE if it was him 3-1 and me 1-3 with doran blade. LOL I'm sorry Riot, this champ does not belong in League of Legends as evident by his abysmal low play rate. Illaoi is not "OP" necessarily, just fundamentally broken and unfun to face no matter WHO is playing her.
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