I miss Defense

I know this comes at a time where TT is getting alot of attention for its removal, but dear god do I miss something more than I'm going to miss TT. Its defense. I know this is going to sound alot like "hur dur dur I like farm meta" but legit, this getting blown up instantly is shit. It doesn't promote good teamplay, and assassins sorry to say are poorly designed when defense is low. Take the new champ for example. Press q press w for a dash, press q again rinse repeat until you kill someone or just dash the fuck away with impunity. You can't even just bulk defense that shit and play for an extended trade because of the amount of tank kill/armorpen in the game. It pretty much goes like this: Get bulky cause fuck yea extended trades, some easier farming. -----> Wait wtf I just died in 2 seconds. ----> Looks at damage ----> yea thats the type of defense I have ----> buys more -----> dies in 2.1 seconds. Thank god I got that extra .1 seconds on my death. I'm not really sure what I gained from it, but I sure am glad I built armor. /sarcasm Seriously, defense needs some long term looking into. It just isn't even really satisfying to build anymore.
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