How do you top laners deal with such one sided matchups in top?

This is the only lane where i feel like champion pick matters more than the rest. I primarily play mid but moved to top to finish out a clash team and in my practices it almost feels like a death sentence first picking top lane before the opponent. Its also feels like the lane with the most cheese champs to play against. I honestly feel like most of the time its a losing lane if they picked something into your champ thats better. Two big champs that are good right now darius and mordekaiser while I think morde is easier to play around Darius seems like such a power house. My least favorite to play against are tryndamere and garen. Tryndamere enganges at full rage level 1 and proceeds to get a crit every time it feels like. Garen just silences and shreds with e then if he takes a bad engage just heals up and plays safe. I am not good at top ill be the first to say it but what do the rest of you think about the matchups. I faced karma last game and it felt like building mr was useless cause she rushed iceborne gauntlet.
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