A way to return mordekaiser's ghosts in a balanced way, from a 2 mil mastery morde onetrick

Many morde mains are quitting playing morde, recently mid mordekaiser; the most popular morde streamer and youtuber and they all have a common reason for quitting, the ghosts were removed. I personally don't enjoy him anymore, I just want to control ghosts. This change would push him to be more of a duelist splitpusher that shreds towers fast if he kills the enemy laner, here it is. R - Stays the same but stat steal has been removed and morde gains a ghost if he kills the enemy that will do his bidding till the enemy respawns then it instantly disappears. The ghost has the appearance of the champion you ulted but does **not** gain the abilities, passives and stats of the champion killed. The ghost always gets killed in 6/8/10 autos scaling with ult rank. The ghost can only auto towers and does the same amount of damage and the same amount of attack speed to towers of the champion killed (this makes no sense but you get me). The ghost can be controlled by clicking R.
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