it's clear that ekko has been overtuned for a while now and he hasnt been nerfed yet. i think its unhealthy for the game the amount of burst he has at 2 items for the safety he has( he can kill a carry with e+q + auto and then simply ults out). i think riot should give him the ahri treatment, where they took some damage off her w and r and gave her increased damage when she hits her charm. ekko should need to be giga fed to kill you with e q auto or at least he should hit the stun, otherwise there is simply no counterplay because he can just ult out. reduce the damage on his q but give it increased damage on minions, so that his wave clear doesnt go away but his damage is toned down a bit or lower his e damage, maybe even both. R cooldown also needs to go up because with how easy it is to get 40% cdr, his ult cd is way too low. im fine with his r being a nuke because it takes skill to hit it and rewards good players who use it properly, but the rest of his kit is pretty basic: e forward, q , auto which triggers passive and gives movespeed which allows you to hit the return q. i believe these changes would be pretty fair and make ekko a lot less frustrating to play against since it adds counterplay, while giving him a higher ceiling and making much more rewarding to master and much more skill-expressive.
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