Where is the fun in this game?

So Ya I have been playing this game sense season 4 believe that was when Thresh was first dropped sense he was the First champ i ever bought. Anyway I've seen this game Go down hill like WOW did. These past few patches have made this game so Boring I find my self locking in Fill just to even get a hint of joy out of this game. I use to enjoy rank because of the Customizing my Skill list and just going ham or failing and trying again. However now the game so centered around a handful of champions. Even when you go on youtube you see the same line of champions in game after game after game. Like whats really the point in having so many Champions to pick from if they all are bad compared to others. And its not like they all have Differences. The new Champions show how lazy and uncreative this game has become. Example {{champion:517}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:518}}{{champion:427}} {{champion:555}} are new mid/jungle lane Champs that have similar kits Gap closer heal/life steal Hold Shield and a lot of burst oddly they were made after this guy {{champion:136}} Who has non of that but a stun They made a champ that was just tossed out after they made the next. On top of that they took away {{champion:516}} Shield While adding one to every new champion they make. I don't Get it. Next example they are remaking {{champion:82}} Now hardly anyone can make sense of his kit now but this guy pretty much is being remade to replace {{champion:30}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:50}} as his new kit takes a skill from each of them. Also just to add i play Zyra a lot and while i like the Walking add on to her its broken if someone slows you and the slow effect goes away instead of her getting her movement speed back she gets stuck walking for almost 3 seconds after the slow drops so if a Champ could slow you for 1 second well that slow on her works for 4 seconds. till her animation catches up. Another thing fix zac's Passive at this point with everyone having a AOE its useless. And if someone can please tell me how {{item:3146}} active stops {{champion:154}} Sling that be great because i was shocked that it did Like Zac i thought was like Rubber So i have 0 clue how an electric shock would stop his sling. MY point is this game is becoming so bad they might as well scrap half there champion line up and just leave the basic ones. And we can all run on the map with Jinx Yi Jax Lux Garen Darius Pyke. I bet the next champ these guys make will also have the following a World map stun one nuke that hits for 2k dmg From his fountain and towers will turn and hit you instead of him because well F**** you is why.
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