Yeah, this is completely normal..

Are we seriously gonna let this abomination always sit at this state? Highest winrate, high ban rate, high play rate. Notice how she has a 13.9% pick rate and maintains a 53.72% winrate which is the highest winrate atm, you could argue it's her mains but that would be stupid, I doubt the 13.9% pick rate is entirely mains. What does this show? it shows that she can be played by literally anybody and they can do incredibly well because of how strong she is. She has animation cancels for literally everything, she is 1 of the many top laners that have no resource usage, she has 2 sources of CC as an assassin fighter bruiser, incredibly high scalings, a shield on about a 3.5 second cooldown *roughly with cdr* and shields her for 95 rank 1 and 215 at rank 5 PLUS 100% bonus AD. You can't have a champion like this in the game, it's not ok Riot. Suggested nerfs- lower her shield base damage and increase the cooldown, lower the AD from her ultimate. Thanks for reading.
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