Can we talk about how safe most mages are?

Mages are probably the safest class in the game right now and have literally no drawbacks to them. It's obnoxious how mages such as Ahri, Lux, Xerath, Syndra, never really lose out on anything from a bad trade the way other champs do. Fucking high range, often longer than that of the turrets themselves, and skillshots which never cause them to run out of mana from the moment they pick up a {{item:3802}} ]. Even an assassin such as Talon, Katarina, or even a fucking LeBlanc loses something from a bad trade but your average mage? Nah, miss your skillshot and it doesn't matter coz now you can farm from under turret with no risk of a dive coz you can always try to hit your low cooldown stun/root and run back in joy. I'd rather face a Yasuo or an Akali in the mid lane in this day and age than an Ahri who decides she's gonna play it safe and go back under her turret in case she misses her charm.
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