Assassins are sometimes not able to "do their job" feedback, suggestions, and tips for riot balance!

so it seems at one point assassins were in a good spot and they were strong and did not fear support spamming shields and heals as they had no delays or low. But ever since that point all the gameplay designers ever cared about was adc's and mages and how cute they want the skin to be for them. And If zed is good against a certain mage/adc that is getting a skin then they will make up some kind of stuff up like he is too op in yada yada yada then he's nerfed. Ever since 2014-2015 this is all that we have seen. They were strong, did there job well but apparently the community wanted them to be weak because most lol players play adc champs and mages. The problem that they have is that assassins specialize in one shotting squishy targets out of position, which mages and adcs are in this category. So the great duskblade was nerfed 3 times until the hybrid hextech gunblade makes its passive pale in comparison making assassins supports who mow down wards and get REKT BY LULU instead of 'quickly dispatching high priority targets who are out of position". I think it would not be a bad thing if these changes were to be made. Duskblade AD increased from 55 to 75(adcs can have a do it all crit item with 80 ad so why not zed?) duskblade lethality increased from 21 to 23-27 scaling with level(helps assassins in late game) Youmuus active move through units and AD from 55- 70 edge of knight cost less and 80 ad to make up for no cdr on it so its better to rush and make active infinite duration. make hp lower or remove it and make lethality to 20 lord dominiks regard AD increase from 45 to 60 passive negates 40% armor(mages can why not zed??) Electrocute increased from 30-180 to 60-230 ratio changed to 45% total ad from 40% bonus(you get about 170 increase if you have 500 ad not snowbally in the least bit) if electrocute kills or they die within 3 seconds of it then it refunds a portion of cd new skins for zed and assassins assassins more played in lcs more fun lcs and money gained plus assassin hype scorch changed to 20-60 true damage ignite deals 80-410 over 3-4 seconds(40 true dmg per second is not good) flash cd changed from 300 to 370 and less range(get the tp treatment) Flash could also remain but can only be used out of combat??? shields are 30% less effective against physical damage zed passive doubled thats it! thats how assassins can be buffed and made strong and dont listen to the 90% community they will get you no where in fact with infinite nerfs they will still cry. They will actually learn to like assassins after such buffs are made. oh and you should ungut conqueror 3.5 ad per hit stacks 5 times for 18? 10% damage converted and 10% healing(deaths dance passive) Look i don't play yi to heal. i play him to 'duel' if i want to heal i'd pick warwick so remove this needless healing on conqueror. its just conversion return it now lol is in a cancer state without it. such small yet meaningful changes can be done on lol to make it 10000x better. Most good changes are probably undos of your changes. dont you see now.
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