The problem with Kalista

No sappy intro about how Kalista is an original, amazing kit The problem with this champion is her interaction with SLOWS. If you get slowed as Kalista,(Especially hard slowed) You essentially get stunned, as you are stuck in a jumping animation, unable to use your basic attacks until your jump is over. This makes it so that if you ARE slowed, your best bet is to stand still and not kite at all (Which leads to your demise). The only solution is to take Phase Rush, to make yourself (partially)immune to slows. Even so, the gameplay pattern of getting slowed(and then getting used to your new diminished attack speed) makes this Champion nearly impossible to play. Aka {{champion:22}} will counter Kalista because her basic attacks will (LITERALLY) stun Kalista if she attempts to run/kite. Rework Kalista's interaction with slows to instead modify her jump DISTANCE instead of her jump SPEED. If this rework is not satisfactory, then the only option left is to give the kit a complete overhaul.
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