Darius is Really bad with Runes reforged what can we do about it?

He has 46% Winrate this patch and for a good reason, he lost 15% attack speed runes, 55 Damage on ult at lvl 6 with fervor and other scalings and 9 bonus ad who translate to another 12 dmg on ult. Here is my suggestions - Make his Ult unlocks at Rank 2 ( lane is over by then and shouldnt be penalized by getting a proper reset) at rank 3 it cost 0 mana like now. - Give his ult more base damage, something like 110/220/330 from 100/200/300 could help him with the lost of fervor of battle. - Increase his Q blade width by 30 (250 from 220) - Increase the ad Darius gets from Noxian Might - Give him better attack speed. - Change Darius's Bleed and ult AD ratio to total from Base with some adjustment Of course don't give him all of these suggestions but 1-2 of them might fix him, the ones I want the most is the first 2 suggestions. any more ideas? what's your favorite idea?
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