There's a better way to deal with shield champions than simply buffing Renekton

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TL:DR - How about pushing Hexdrinker{{item:3155}} /Maw of Malmortius {{item:3156}} as the Anti-shield item? Suggestion {{item:1036}} + {{item:1033}} + 500g = {{item:3155}} +20 attack damage **+25 **magic resistance UNIQUE – LIFELINE: Shield at 30% that absorbs 110 − 280 (based on level) magic damage for 5 seconds (90 second cooldown). UNIQUE - **Hex Sucker**: Attacking or dealing single target spells on shields deals 30 - 100 damage (based on level). Lower magic resists, higher damage to shielded enemies. Long context: Hear me out...Hexdrinker has been the bane of mages everywhere due to its "needlessly large" (see what I did there) amount of Magic Resistance, which makes {{item:3191}} look like a bargain bin item bought from the nearest Zaun scavenger. It prevents strategic choice - an AD assassin can buy this item and be practically invincible to a mage with similar gold, due to the excellent lifeline shield, and high innate magic resist. For top laners, the magic resist is kinda wasted when facing their major threats. Champions like {{champion:112}} , {{champion:13}} , {{champion:164}} , {{champion:111}} , {{champion:43}} , {{champion:54}} , Old {{champion:98}}, {{champion:516}} have been frustrating to play against due to their higher defense mechanism. Combined with {{champion:25}} , {{champion:350}} , {{champion:37}}, it becomes increasingly hard to face them because it's a battle of who has the higher burst to destroy them before they can pop a shield off cooldown. This version of Hexdrinker reduces the frustration playing against an AD champion as a mage, while encouraging more use cases of this Maw as an Assassin/Fighter/Jungler/Skirmisher/Diver/Top Laner.
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