the victorious skin wasn't Irelia or Riven who defined the meta for a good chunk of the year?

I know that top lane is top lane But aatrox? AATROX? WHAT? If it were someone more symbolic of top lane, like darius, or someone more timeless in high elo, like riven then sure But fucking aatrox? Seriously? I personally assumed it would be Irelia since she was so integeral to the early part of the year, and is also in two cinematics now, is a mainstay in high elo, is a top laner, and also has a large fanbase amongst assassin mains But again I would have just been like "Yeah.. sure" if it were Riven, Darius, or Jax, all of which are much more Iconic top laners. Why tf did you go with Aatrox? he already got a special skin this year, and nobody liked THAT golden aatrox skin. I'm not saying go all in on a more niche, only high elo champ like {{champion:41}} {{champion:126}} Frankly I think the best option for a few years now should have been {{champion:14}} since he has been integeral to probably at least a dozen or so metas, and has only been weak when Vayne is like "Hey what's up I'm S tier this quarter!" and everyone is like "Omg rito y u do dis?| and riot is like "Muah ha ha, she is only OP until you buy more legendary vayne skins" so we all cave and get bloodmoon program vayne
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