Wukong rant?

I am a long time Wukong OTP (on different accounts). My highest elo is Gold 1 playing with low Diamond. Before I rant, I will admit (to my surprise, and probably yours) that Wukong actually sports a 52% win rate overall. It makes it seem like the champion is actually in a good spot, but I disagree. A lot of people I play against tell me that Wukong is a bad champion. Sometimes they even tell me that he isn't viable top anymore. Wukong gets bullied a lot, and isn't very good until 20+ minutes in the game, when he can go for one shots on the back line. That is literally the only thing the champion is good at. Wukong is a glass cannon Bruiser that is only good at cheesing the backline. I have some specific ideas for changes for Wukong to make him more of a bruiser and less of an assassin. Wukong has such a bad design though that It would be a long list of changes. To keep it short, Wukong's base stats are shit. Only his AD is good. His scaling damage would have to be lowered, his base damage would have to be increased. His level 1 R is garbage. He needs built in sustain (like every other bruiser in the game). And his passive needs to be less useless all lane phase and in all 1v1 situations. Again, this is just a rant, I have gotten used to no one in the Riot company, or the player community caring about this champion. Because of this I don't expect much to be honest. I will continue to play the champion, although it is a disadvantage right out of champion select. Again, I am very surprised that he maintains a good win rate. It is very frustrating for me to play him now a days.
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