I literally just got Perma-Banned for this game.....

I literally just got Perma-Banned for this game..... "Game 1 Pre-Game alexnelson1: XD In-Game alexnelson1: Nt nt alexnelson1: you need a gank to compeat alexnelson1: lmao alexnelson1: get owned alexnelson1: shutting you down 1v1 alexnelson1: mind coming mid? alexnelson1: im in the middle of the map and you have been no where near it... alexnelson1: garbage jungler. alexnelson1: their jungle has ganked me 4x alexnelson1: you have been mid zero alexnelson1: pretty sad alexnelson1: not only is he out pressuring all 3 lanes while you do nothing, he is also out farming you... alexnelson1: which i dont know how thats possible alexnelson1: you have to have your jungle camp your lane to stand a chance lmao alexnelson1: you have to have your jungle baby sit you all game because you are getting dominated alexnelson1: pathetic alexnelson1: easy lane alexnelson1: 1v2 is sad alexnelson1: meanwhile i have an acutal autist in my jungle alexnelson1: is your IQ somewhere around 60? alexnelson1: im guessing thats a fact. alexnelson1: hardly functioning alexnelson1: o well gg alexnelson1: you take down towers quick lol alexnelson1: id give almost anything to have a good jungle like hec in even 30% of my games lol alexnelson1: go bot alexnelson1: stop farming my mid plz alexnelson1: gl alexnelson1: this guy is inting alexnelson1: WHY WOULD YOU TAKE THAT? alexnelson1: report this olaf alexnelson1: he is inting alexnelson1: and throwinfg alexnelson1: ? alexnelson1: who? alexnelson1: hahahaha alexnelson1: you going to be okay? alexnelson1: "thay cant win" 10 seconds later voting to surrender alexnelson1: this kid is so fed alexnelson1: so fed lol" Yes i should have just muted and ignored them. That is my side of the chat for the whole game, with my jungle talking nonsense the whole time and literally running it down my middle into 3 other players and coming to smite the blue buff I almost had finished. I get banned for one game and its me lashing out not even cussing at my team... Riot... are you kidding me right now? This is how you treat your player base who have one bad game where they lash out at trolls? By banning them? Really?
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