Another Yasuo thred

First off this is not a yasuo op thread. So I used to main yasuo. And honestly he is not that hard to play as people say he is. I do believe that yasuo is on the strong side of things. But honestly I feel his double crit is way to much for all the damage he does. And his utility and mobility just makes it so hard to counter a yasuo. I feel his ult is not op beacuse he has to proc his q multiple times but still even so the added bonus of items and his damage makes him way to much to handle in alot of circumstances. Hes squishy but does that really matter if hes already killed 1-2 people right as the fight is started. I feel yasuo just needs a tiny nerf to his crit and his cool downs. How do you guys feel about yasuo. Also please post counterplay tips cause even after i mained him for a good month im still getting my ass kicked by him.

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