I miss the days where cooldowns actually existed...

Now, almost every ability-based champions who possess enough raw strength to one shot you through a single ability rotation can do this same combo at almost half the cooldown duration, while also giving no opening windows at all between trades and poke since their abilities are always sitting at the ready. Remember when the drawback to manaless champions were longer cooldowns and thus longer windows to counter? Can we say such things now with {{champion:266}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:8}} ? No, they virtually have no drawbacks to casting their abilities once they get an item or two. Also, some of them and some others can just abuse Riot's #1 mistake of the season, {{item:3161}} , to suppress all their weaknesses related to cooldown, while building an already very good item stat wise. Why are some people ok with this? Edit: some people pointed out that mages are also massive abusers of CDR. The thing is, ever since the mana rework massacre from almost a year ago, mages abusing CDR, if they have no mean to replenish mana, will basically drain themselves within mere seconds because of the sheer amount of spells they can cast nowadays with those ridiculously low cooldowns, unless they find a way to cheese through it (like with klepto {{champion:112}} top some months ago). Its been over a year now that every single top tier mages who pointed its nose in the meta were either partly assassins or had built-in means to replenish mana. People also complained that I mentionned energy champions. Since they are community favorites, I guess it was predictable that it would shuffle the feathers of some people. But you need to wake the hell up when you say that energy champions are "gated" by it. They are by no mean limited by it: their ability who costs the most is more than often their most spammable one, AKA the one **they'll max first and, for some reason, their energy prices goes down along the way**. Now, imagine a world where mages replenished their mana by half the cost of their skillshot whenever they land it. Doesn't make sense, right? So why energy champions replenish a quarter or more of the bar of their "gating casting ressource" if they accomplish certain actions, who either relate to dealing damage or having a free escape. What the hell is limiting about replenishing casting ressources by abusing low cooldown abilities who were supposed to be limited in some way? I'm not saying mages aren't overpowered right now (or at least a minority of them are), what I'm saying is that energy champions are no way limited if they get every single advantages in every fields against mana-gated ones

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