Just when i forgot why i hated URF

No, not because of all the annoying URF fans who act entitled, not because it's not a fun and unique concept. Because of how the community is taking it so seriously. Literally the first game i played i was flamed for picking jhin, our midlaner left the game at 10 min because our shaco went double top instead of jungle, and my botlane partner flamed me and left to midlane because i didnt pick a "meta" pick. And here is the problem - meta. We have enough of that in normal SR, these game modes are supposed to be fun and special, not a try hard competetive mode where you need to spam OP picks. Seriously, i gurantee almost every game will have an ez, lux, nidalee, hecarim, and you know the rest. So please, URF was fun when peopled explored and did silly things, dont ruin the URF spirit and have casual, none serious fun. It's only here for a weekend.

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