In what world is Fiora balanced?

You die to her once, and the game is over because she will just harass you to the point where it's impossible to even defend your lane anymore. Then she destroys half of your turret after your first back thanks to her Q and E which now damage turrets, and the demolish rune (remove this please it's actually ridiculously overpowered I don't think people realise). Then, after that, once she has already reached 2 items while you're struggling to buy 1, she duels you with ease thanks to her constant dashes and her heal from her ultimate and just her insane damage output all together. Let's not forget her W which is one of the dumbest abilities I have seen. She blocks ALL damage from ANY direction, as well as blocking spells AND **stunning you for 2 seconds**. 2 FUCKING SECONDS. In this meta, where damage is through the roof, a 2 second STUN is insane and pretty much renders you useless whether you're in lane or in a teamfight. Then late game she becomes this split-pushing monster who is practically impossible to duel unless you're fucking {{champion:24}} or something. This champion was already oppressive enough in all stages of the game but you decided to buff her even more because according to you "she struggles to convert her lane victories into game victories". What? Fucking, what? She is one of the most snowbally champions in the game, but that's not enough for you because of LC$ or whatever. Nerf this champion I'm sorry but she was already strong enough and you decide to make her pretty much impossible to beat during any stage of the game.
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