I'd trade a Garen nerf for a Jax nerf anytime

People are all about how overbuffed Garen is while Jax just running around with way more cancerous and broken gameplay. There is essentially no counterplay against Jax after 20 minutes. You cannot kite him since his ms is above 400 with only tier 1 boots and his jump is on 3.6 s cooldown so he can jump around like fucking Mario. Okay, he is mobile, not the end of the world, there are many mobile champions in the game. He can also literally one-shot adc-s and two-shot bruisers. Okay, Rengar also jumps on you from high distance and one-shots his target. His E is probably the most overloaded ability in the entire game. It stuns a huge area around him and deals damage. These two would make an ability good with its 4.8 s cooldown alone but that is not enough for Riot. It has to block every single aa which makes every adc useless while also reduces the damage of area of effect abilities. What the actual fuck Riot?! Then here comes his ult that also has a low cooldown just to make sure he can use it in every teamfight. It makes Jax a damn tank while also boosting his damage. Put these all together and give him any form of lifesteal (not necessary btw): what we get is an unkillable tank that deals assassin level of damage with adc level of attack speed while being the most mobile champion in the game. Yet, I haven't even mentioned this piece of ~~shit~~ item {{item:3161}} because it is not what makes Jax broken, it is just the cherry on the cake. It makes his already low cooldowns (3.6, 1.8, 4.8) nonexisting. Yesterday, I saw a Jax pentakill the enemy team twice while the score was something like 25-42 before that. It was just Jax literally jump into 1v5 with his E constantly up and he killed everyone without losing 1/3rd of his hp. How stupid is that? I bet everyone witnessed similar situations before. Jax is just unbearable in the hands of a competent player which is not rare since the difficulty of this champion is barely above Garen. So please Riot, after you nerfed Garen next patch, could you take a look at this abomination called Jax and make him to be a champion again? Thank you.

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