Kindred Re-Work idea

When Kindred first came out I was really liking theme of Kindred and their duality but when played in game I felt.... disappointed that wolf didn't really feel like he was part of the duo more of *some times I might snip at their feet and some times I lunged at them on for tons of damage*. I also didn't like the fact she was jungle champion but that part more of a play style difference. So I thought about how would I rework her (though I will try to keep her in the jungle since thats what her role is now and I'm not sure of Kindred's playerbase feels about Kindred being a jungler or not) and here what I came up with. Passive- Kindred Marks Champions to hunt for their soul. Each kill on a marked targett claims their soul but gives nothing till you have gathered all 5 souls of the enemy Team. At 5 Souls Kindred gains passive that makes kindred's auto attacks and abilities do missing HP% damage agasint Epic Monster, Champions and Large Monsters. Lamb's bow is also upgraded to have +50 more range and Wolf's Teeth sharpen and give him 30% attack speed and bonus armor pin. When near low enemy champions Lamb switches place with Wolf to finish the hunt. Wolf is melee but moves 50% faster toward low health enemies. If the target regains health to put him out of the threshold then in 15 seconds he will switch with lamb. Q- Number adjustments for Lamb/Wolf, Leap on to the enemy to chomp down on their neck cause x damage + Bleed damage over time. W- Lamb changes her stance to gain additional range but slows her by 30%(toggle), Wolf- Wolf goes into frenzy attack, rapidly hitting his target up to 6 times applying on hit effects and can crit if the enemy is still in range for the whole duration. E-- Lamb throws wolf on to a enemy champion causing fear and DoT damage/ If Wolf is out then lamb will climb on to his back and shoot arrows for 2.5 seconds dealing 1/2 damage from her normal autos attacks. R- Lamb and Wolf re-connect them selves to becoming one again, during this state all abilities are replaced with Reap, where if a target is below 25% HP it will execute them, refreshing the cooldown on Reap. During this ult Kindred becomes equipped with a scythe which larger range then a normal melee attack. Kindred also can't die during this ult but stores all damage taken. At the end of the ult, Kindred will take half damage taken during the ult as true damage. Passive: If all 5 souls are collected, the duration of the ult is extended by 2 seconds. Though these are just numbers that come off the top my ahead and maybe some of the abilities can be adjusted to better fit their theme but if you have any suggestions I am open to it.
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