"ADCs are broken!" "They 2-shot!"

In WHAT elo? Wood division? I haven't seen that happen at any time other than during a bot game where I'd be like 4k gold and 3-5 levels on the enemy. Because I'll tell you, having an {{item:3031}} {{item:3086}} item finished doesn't kill a {{champion:14}} with full lethality build, an Evelynn with only {{item:1402}} , nor a Janna with all support items in remotely two auto attacks... So kindly link me any of your pvp games where that happens, but I'll bet that's about as probable as finding a goddamn unicorn. I don't do that much dmg until MAYBE late game (~30-35 minutes) where everyone's near full build and I'm running 80% crit on somebody with absolutely no health/armor/shields/ Even then I'd suspect they'd have to sit still and let me auto them like 6-8 times before I kill them. Update: As expected, lots of downvotes but no evidence-based rebuttal. Typical of the boards here :)
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