Season 9 A.K.A Season 8 part 2

19th January, 4 days left for Preseason to end, yet nothing was tested, changed or adjusted. Preseason is meant to test changes, possible fixes/reworks, adjustments, new additions both in itemization and stats wise. Overall, its the best time period to text things live. Yet in this Preason nothing was solved or even worked on. Conqueror is still ridiculously unfair and overpowered and fails to fill its anti-tank ONLY concept because well, its a anti-everything. Mage itemization is still horrible and offers no distinct paths depending on the champion kit and gameplay. Mages that were killed in Season 8 changes, never got compensation buffs or talked about despite complains. They dont do flashy plays, so they probably dont matter. Lethality got even stronger, to the point a full lethality wukong, with no Black Cleaver, can literally melt a 250+ armor and 3k health tank in 2 seconds, because hell why not! Assassins are meant to kill low defense stats carries, but I guess having them kill tanks is so fun too! Karthus is used to cheese in pretty much every position but I guess no one at Riot thought that his ult base stats arent a bit too high for a global ult with the addition of Dark Harvest and the current meta. Xin Zhao has become a god in the jungle. Hail of Blades early game buff gave him even a more bursty way to kill people. More Vayne buffs! That will for sure solve stuff! The biggest excuse is the "We need more data/testing to actually change anything" Which honestly I find it laughable. You literally just need to queue in games, listen to the community feedback and have common sense. Its been a fucking year, and nothing was done. Clash apparently died or they forgot about it, since there isnt any information about it in months. Gameplay+ threads that try to spark a discussion about these topics, get DELETED. Honestly the Boards are a disgrace, I havent seen a Rioter actually talking and answering threads in the Gameplay section in years. Im pretty sure they dont even read it. Makes me think, why would they read Gameplay+ then. Junglers itemization is honestly shameful. Seriously. We got a Sunfire Cape and Luden Echo copy in the Smites type. They are dull and dont add any interaction to the gameplay. I have a lot more complains but you get the deal. Season 9 will just be exactly like Season 8, maybe in Season 10 they will actually acknowledge the state of the game is awful and actually work on REAL changes. Till then, be sure to buy the new Prestige skins! Reminder that Ahri and Evelyn still havent got them yet they are pushing them into other champions behind paywalls. 2019 will be a blast.
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