I actually feel bad for ADC mains now.

When the changes were on PBE, I was like sweet, ADCs are just gonna have to wait a bit to come online, now they just don't exist. As a predominantly mage player, I thought finally ADCs will get smack with the nerf hammer like Mages have so many times in the past. We've had our items nerfed time and again while ADs for the most part got there's buffed. I've played AD a fair amount, and once I hit a certain point I just ran through the game assuming I wasn't behind the other AD, that felt like the win condition, don't fall behind the other AD, the other lanes didn't matter as long as I was stronger then their AD. My favorite ADs were all the Crit based ones (Cait, Trist, Jinx, and then Kog), and now they all feel unplayable, I mean I haven't even played Bot since the changes, well that's a lie I got autofilled twice, played Luc and MF and neither were a fun adventure. I get that playstyle was unhealthy for the game, one lane shouldn't dictate the game that much, but this may be worse. ADCs were one of (if not the) most important roles in the game. Now though, what I've noticed down bot is the uprising of Mages, which makes me feel like I should just go bot because I am a mage player lol, but the game ultimately needs ADCs in the game to be played at the optimal level, ADCs are the Kings/Queens of sieging and DPS. We talk about how Tanks are actually weaker now then they were before, but I can't really fathom why. Theirs no one to really kill them anymore. Yes Bruisers will take Conqueror and Yas exists, but even then without ADs pounding away at them they can realistically live for long periods of time. Granted now Jungle Tanks are outclassed by Divers and Skirmishers because of the jungle nerfs and if they fall behind they basically become useless while the ahead jungler gets the solo lanes ahead and then just absorbs the behind junglers Gold and Experience. Support Tanks can't hang on long enough vs all the damage going bot now and Top Lane Tanks are fighting a losing battle vs Juggs with Conqueror top. Although a thought I had awhile ago when the tanks are OP thing was going through Boards, was that Tanks and ADCs need each other to actually be powerful, with out one the other actually suffers. Tanks Protect and Engage for the ADCs to DPS, because even a behind tank is still useful in the grand scheme of the game, but now that the champions that they need to protect is basically MIA there is just no reason for them. Mages can peel and engage for themselves and Juggs and Divers can fill the gap while being tanky and having damage. So the new team comps feel like Juggernaut/Skrimisher/Diver top, Skrimisher/Divier Jungle, Assassins/Skrimisher/Divers/Small Group of Mages Mid, Mage Bot, Damage Support. At what point does this take teamwork and strategy? I understand ADCs needed nerfs, I still agree to that statement today, but they didn't need to be put on their knees and shot in the back of the head. Everyone likes to play Assassins, while I do find it fun, at some point I feel like it gets boring, and the counterplay is dwindling. I get that assassins weren't great for that long while Tanks, ADCs, and Mages ruled the game but this version is just meh. At least when the other 3 where top dogs, the game had some strategy to it, now its a giant bloodfest. I spose it makes the game feel "different" but is it a good different? The Meta will change eventually, I guess we'll see how it plays out, I still enjoy the game, I just feel bad for ~20% of the game population that got neutered, at least when Mages got repeatedly nerfed, they were still playable, ADCs got 1 nerf and are basically held hostage now. /rambling.
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