Pyke was fine, and then...

I just had a Pyke whiff on his ult. Hit it too late and hit nothing because I died just before it landed. Two seconds later he hits our Akali with the ult and kills her, and the streak starts. Four seconds after that, we're aced under our own turret and he walks off unscathed. This isn't fun. It's not fun to play and it's definitely not fun to play against. Pyke had a kit that really sang to me as a support main, and then they overtuned his ult and he became Captain Easymode. No champion should be rewarded for a mistake. If your ultimate is _that powerful_ and you entirely miss because you hit it too late, you should not be rewarded for that with a free executions. Worse, they had a Darius too. There was literally nothing we could do, not even with a tanky Pantheon and a Nasus. Even if I E'd Darius's ult, Pyke would just get me with his. This game is disgusting and the balance lead should be ashamed of him or herself for allowing this off the production floor.
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