dear iron brothers and sisters.

please stop invading 3v5 and dying. please stop afking in jungle for leash while you browse tiktok. ----------- i have literally lost more games due to the first blood and failed invades/invasion defenses than i can keep track of. ---- first tower and drake are less impactful in iron matches than first blood and a free second starting item at level 1. there's no amount of outplaying that can make up that difference if one is playing a competent opponent that isn't drooling or lagging. this desire to force a losing game early is why games are so toxic and hate ridden. early all-ins leave your team struggling to catch back up. it is the exact same as trying to cheese an rts by moving your base next to an opponents for that early unit drop rush. it's not worth it if your opponent has any brains. it's no wonder people scream "ff @ 20" so often and call people feeders with dumb things like this taking charge of games.
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