The hypocrisy of boards as its best This right here, means the champ is perfectly balanced. 55% wr, 23% pick rate, 70% ban rate, total 93% presence in plat+ games, almost 56% wr in diamond +. First time players are getting those kind of results, is it hilarious? "BUT JUST DODGE HIS SPELLS NOOB, HES A JUGGERNAUT hes supposed to be BROKEN" -boards 2019 Can you guys imagine if riven, yasuo, zed, or any other champ not on boards "favorites list" hit stats anywhere like this? Lmao. Fun fact : release reworked irelia and akali were all weaker than morde is currently (and they were ridiculously overpowered/both hotfixed). And this is why its completely pointless to talk balance here, the golden champs on their favorite list will always be either balanced (when they are ridiculously overpowered ) or weak (when they are actually balanced). Meanwhile that 47% wr yasuo that never sees competitive play is the most broken thing in the game ever made, right boards?
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