buff jungle xp, blue-wolves-gromp dont give you lvl 3 and take a bit to clear/Yi feedback :C

1/2 The only reason there is junglers going bot every second is because the jungle xp is terrible right now. You can literally go 3 camps at start which is blue groump and wolves then not be lvl 3. If junglers got their xp back they will scale better in xp and leave lanes a little more. So its not like i'm forced to gank if i dont wanna be lvl 13 at 30 minutes in the game. 2/2 Also yi could use that 10% attack speed you took away for slightly better early clearing, its not fair other junglers keep it because it was removed from machette. Does no one at riot care about yi or play him for fun so he's not a champion? :( **Now if i go 10% attack speed stat shard its like I am going 2 adaptive force pre nerf so that stat shard is literally empty. Plz love yi.** And plz return his e's ad passive because its only 10% and most yi's build purely attack speed so the ad from it is low and only when he has e up. It just feels so bad riot. We are loosing a lot of damage on yi because: **since 10% attack speed is taken away the 10% we use in stat shards is like before with 2 adaptive force so we could of had that extra 5.4 ad with the same attack speed. 10% ad removed(it feels so bad) You can return it riot but nerf it to like 1-7% level scaling if 10% is too much for luke skywalker :C** The guinsoos change is fine honestly its just the rather extra nerfs stacked ontop of it that make it unfair to me. In other words its enough of a nerf. He didn't need slower attack speed, lower attack damage(because he doesn't really build much ad). So rip his jg xp+clear speed+ad, not to mention the lee sins and khazixs that camp you in your jg and win 1v1 everytime with 0 counterplay.
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