how to play jhin?

I mained him pretty long time , played lot of bot and draft games but i didn't get smarter because of that. How to play as jhin if out there is twitch/draven/ashe/caitlyn/kaisa or enemy jungler???? simple answer? : you don't. As soon as you load in the game and pick jhin in the champ select while on adc you are announcing everybody : hurr dud durr im smarter than you and you cannot catch me. Everybody then come botlane and make you regret your decision and go back to adc with an actual escape. Im writing it as forever jhin main , desperately trying to find how to not get b00mked by any enemy adc , ive tried special anti-death runes but they dont feel as fun to play as actual fleet , what to do. How am i supposed to survive all that if i need 2 very expensive items (AT LEAST) before G A to actually be usefull? Nowday its midgame meta and jhin scales into lategame , here,s the issue. Any tips how to play jhin so i can win?
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