What if ADC the role, was moved too the jungle?

There's been a lot of talk about adcs being incredibly weak early, and that they have incredibly low self-determination in the game until like 25 minutes. There is also a sense that, bot lane is heavily decided by the support. There's also a lot of people that wish they could play different champions bot lane, such as mages, and bizzare combos like Pantheon, Taliyah, or even fighters like Irelia; but this is not viable generally, because a team without an adc will lose out on a lot of potential dps later on in the game. The differential in dps forces teams too pick adc bot lane, because the risk of not having one is too high (i.e. enemy team has tanks/fed fighters, and no one can shred through them making them unkillable). Then, what if ADC was moved too the jungle? What if jungle minions were designed too require many auto-attacks too kill, and the jungle items were designed too only benefit adcs; such as by giving them attack speed, or crit. This way, the jungle camps would only be killable by adcs generally (maybe, edge cases like tryndamere would have too be reworked). Junglers/Mids/Anything could go bot, alongside a support - allowing for a way more diverse pool of champion choices. Junglers would have too be rebalanced, but that's not impossible. Finally, adc's wouldn't be without risk still. The top lane/mid/bot could roam into the jungle and threaten them. Hence, the team would still have too work together. A extra potential benefit: Games wouldn't be so heavily decided by the concept of jungle ganks. Imagine being able too play top lane, and actually be able too 1vs1 without worrying about a perma camp by a Lee Sin/Kha zix/Shaco. Most adcs will struggle too gank well early (maybe kindred will have too be reworked), and later on since they are vulnerable, their ganks could be turned around. ---- Not expecting this too happen at all, just wanted too type it all out since I thought the idea would be funny.
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