Sion is a strong pick, but are you serious?

Like I get that Sion is a strong pick, probably one of the few if not the only tank worth playing in the top lane, but are you seriously throwing all these nerfs at him at once while barely touching the ACTUAL top tier broken overpowered non-sense picks like {{champion:236}} {{champion:127}} Like, are you actually memeing right now with these {{champion:236}} {{champion:127}} nerfs that literally do absolutely nothing? Oh no, less damage on Lucian w by 10 damage..WOW. Oh no, less damage on Liss's gap closer that she barely if ever uses for damage...WOW. UNPLAYABLE. Meanwhile Sion is getting 30 damage cut from his Q and adding 4 freaking seconds to his shield cooldown. Again, wouldn't be that annoyed if you actually nerfed people that are considered even stronger picks than Sion. How many people are complaining about {{champion:14}} compared to champs like {{champion:24}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:121}} Again, I can understand the Q nerf, he needs toned down but are you seriously hard nerfing Sion when these champs are almost untouched? Yikes. Sion will survive the nerfs, don't get me wrong by at least attempt to nerf things blatantly broken like how ridiculously broken {{champion:127}} is with aftershock.
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