[Build Discussion] Why build heavy crit items on Senna vs. Healing items??

Hello everyone. I’m not a support player, but I really love Senna and know her best role is support and I wanna try playing her a bit! Question though, I see a lot of ppl pushing one build the most and it has like no support items in it, and so I figured I’d come here and ask you guys - what gives? I’m still learning about how stats and scaling works on champions, like I’m still pretty clueless on scaling, but I just assumed AD and Crit scaling wouldn’t be as important on her as a more support-like build would be!?!?? So, can you guys explain to me why ppl seem to be pushing build 1 - a heavy crit build with no heal or shield items, vs. build 2 - a support build I’ve only seen one mobafire guide really promote? https://i.imgur.com/VxSPAk6.jpg Thank you very much for any help! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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