Since bans got removed from ARAM, might as well add the option to surrender at the loading screen

The decision to remove bans was made based on feedback and, since the majority of feedback that was AGAINST bans in ARAM came from either people with ARAM-only accounts or people who were complaining that they couldn't get their favorite champions since they were frequently banned, it only makes sense to add forfeit at loading screen. Why you might say? Well, since bans were removed from a RANDOM gamemode so that people could play THEIR favorite champions (wait, it makes less and less sense...), its only normal to skip a game until you get matched against a weak team with YOUR favorite champion (who, since it got perma banned before, is probably way over 55% winrate), or else it wouldn't be RANDOM, uh?? Makes sense right? Let me answer: no, it doesn't make any sense, any of it. From removing bans after waiting so long for them to people wanting to play specific champions in ARAM and complaining they can't get them, **no. sense. at. all.** Bans didn't made the gamemode less random, their removal did. People being unhappy they can't get X champion shouldn't be an argument; the whole point of bans is making sure they get a random pick and not an anticipated one, it isn't an unwanted side effect, its the reason behind it and it worked while it lasted. The removal of bans just brought us back at an unfun aspect of the gamemode, while bringing players from the event who were salty enough when not being able to get the picks they want (spoiler: they aren't any less toxic now and throwing games because they didn't get THE teamcomp they wanted along their mains is extremely common, bans kept some of these animals at their place, away from the gamemode). Bring back bans, their removal didn't make any sense to the point we can justify changes as braindead as the one described in the title by compairing how idiotic those both sounds.

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