Please Quality of Life buffs for Kha'zix

Since RIOT reverted K6's R-evolve, and K6 is once again forced to play Q-evolve, can we get some quality of life buffs for his early clear? This is a champ relegated to jungle and hes really not very good at it until after his first or second back. I think a simple solution would be a buff to his level 1-5, maybe some buffs to base AD and and lowering ADgrowth rate and/or giving a bit more armor? The issue is that since K6 has a slow clear to moderate clear speed, he loses priority like scuttle and is always low health early. Also, its very common to get bad leashes or no leashes in soloQ, where even properly kiting the buffs Im leaving first leashed buff with 60-70% health. Additionally, against some of the meta junglers its too dangerous now to level 2 W(heal) because we need E for escape when farming our first few camps (think udyr/jax/yi/xin). I find myself clearing second buff with W and E un-leveled until I have vision on enemy jungler and know its safe to use W. Anyway, Im sure there are many champs struggling in the jungle. But, I think most K6 players would agree he needs something early game, especially in light of the jungle nerfs and R-evolve nerf.
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