It's the first day Senna's out. Unless you played her in PBE, you're not ready to play her in ranked

Title. I say this every time a new champion comes out. You don't have enough experience to play the new champion yet to go into ranked with them. Unless your last 5-10 matches were just Senna TODAY, which is difficult considering EVERYONE wants to play Senna + People banning her already, I don't wanna see you play it in ranked. I'm not petty enough to ban the champion so you don't play it, especially since most people would rather troll in response than play the champion they normally do... But like, use common sense. Some of us are trying to climb. Don't sabotage that for us. Stick to normals until you understand the champion. And before you decide to OP.GG me and be like "well you went X champion and you never played them before! REE!" I'm a jungle main, I got autofilled okay
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