The Neglect and Subsequent Effects of Twisted Treeline (3v3)

**Before I begin, I want to give a brief overview in the history of updates containing Twisted Treeline content (up until the most recent, large patch). This is the main premise of my argument:** * Patch 8.15 - Monster hunter added to Twisted Treeline and support items (Ancient Coin, Relic Shield & Spellthief's Edge) increased in cost from 350g to 400g. * Patch 8.14 - NEW MONSTER HUNTER: If you have the most individual total gold on your team, lane minions kills will grant 10 less gold. This penalty is removed upon completion of an Enchantment on a Skirmisher's Sabre or Stalker's Blade. (Not done on Twisted Treeline). * Patch 8.6 - Very minor Support Items tweak * Patch 7.10 - Super minions resistances down * Patch 7.8 - Very minor changes to super minion armor, experience, and death timers * Patch 6.23 - Lord Van Damm's Pillager got a 300 gold decrease in cost * Patch 6.20 - Outer Turret Vision Range Decreased * Patch 6.15 - Lord Van Damm's Pillager was updated and some mini-map icons were removed. On the topic of the updates they said - "Since the premise is you aren't losing much with their removal." * Patch 6.14 - Jungle camp health changes, recommended items updated, removed a couple of of items, and introduced a couple of items. * Patch 6.12 - Champion mastery introduced to 3's * Patch 6.7 - Key fragments dropped for 3's * Patch 5.13 - Turret Health decreased and needlessly large rod was added * Patch 5.11 - Large patch containing sweeper introduction, visual updates, new items, new item updates, removed items, large jungle changes like timers and health, Vilemaw (same premise as baron) buff updated and combat attacks altered, altar changes, turret re-balancing, Obviously neglecting the trivial and somewhat useless patches, the last large patch (Patch 5.11) for Twisted Treeline was on June 10, 2015 - nearly 4 years ago. To put this into a better perspective, Ekko had just been released the patch prior and _**18**_ more champions would follow in the same amount of time that a single, impactful Twisted Treeline update was released. If this doesn't exemplify the complete neglect towards 3v3, then simply look at the visuals of it. SR's visual update occurred November of 2014 and Twisted Treeline (while some minor visuals have been updated to make it playable) has not received a visual update of the same intensity in the entirety of its existence, obviously disregarding the 2012 update which was far too long and early in League of Legend's development to even bring up (most don't even know what I'm talking about). Here's a link to a picture demonstrating the obvious similarities between the pre-updated Summoner's Rift visuals (2014) and the current (2019) Twisted Treeline visuals: **Moving on to the actual GAMEPLAY problems of 3v3 as a direct result of the neglect shown above...** #1. Support Composition The support comp has been in existence for nearly as long as I can remember playing on Twisted Treeline. (That's a pretty long time considering I started playing in like season 2). The map was released sometime in 2012 and the general meta for roles was adopted (can be seen in about 15% of games and that's a pretty generous amount): * Top or AD bruiser (Darius, Garen, Renekton, Illaoi, etc) * Jungle or AD bruiser (Poppy, Skarner, Trundle, etc) * Bottom lane (magic damage - Anivia, Brand, Morgana, etc) And here is support comp (at least 85% of games): * Top Lane Carry (Xayah, Darius, Olaf, Poppy, Kayn) * Top Lane Support (Alistar, Taric, Leona) * Bottom Lane AP (Anivia, Brand, Morgana) Sometime in 2013, support comp was discovered and it has completely taken over the meta (for literally about 5 years now). Now, if you'll recall very recently when support comp was discovered on Summoner's Rift, you'll notice that every single person in the game was complaining about it. People were calling for nerfs and changes and it was taken care of extremely quickly. That's because it is not fun to play against and when a Master Yi runs it down under the fountain (level 10 when everyone else is level 7) and has a Kayle ult for immunity, there's no real counter play. Hell, it's not even fun to play as it. Support is obviously the least desired role (whole reason that auto fill was introduced) and most people absolutely hate watching someone else destroy the enemy team rather than themselves. Everyone understand this and it was subsequently nerfed. Just imagine the same exact thing, but on an incredibly smaller map. This means that the support comp is allowed to literally farm the three jungle camps AND take the entire wave. This kind of farming efficiency absolutely DOMINATES the regular meta (obviously since about 85% of games involve it and they have for the past 5 years). The supports will literally take exhaust and ignite because their survivability is completely irrelevant towards the game. Relic shield allows them to completely bypass not getting farm and the EXP difference between the top laner can hardly be seen. Meanwhile, the champion being funneled into has, at the least, a two level advantage. You'd have to be stupid not to play this way. Imagine a time in Summoner's Rift where this meta existed. No, not just a patch or two or even a couple of months. Imagine** 5 YEARS!!!** And people wonder why 3v3 has such a ridiculously low amount of active players. Every single 3v3 game has become almost exactly the same, and nobody enjoys playing it. Support comp is way stronger than anything else ever discovered in Twisted Treeline history and with zero nerfs and changes, it has and will continue to be played in 85%+ of matches. It's literally just free LP. You either sell your soul to the devil and play support comp vs support comp (I'd rather take a double barrel and blow my brains all over my wall because of how boring it is) or try and somehow win regular meta vs support comp (again, this is impossible because support comp is infinitely more efficient and thus better). With that being said, having the same exact meta for 5 years has resulted in an incredibly small champion pool, which is yet another problem with 3v3. Not only that, Twisted Treeline has become so insanely stale and boring that most people just quit it altogether. #2. Incredibly small champion pool and overall diversity Obviously, when only one real meta exists for 5 years straight, the amount of champions that are viable to play becomes very small. The champions listed above are seen in an insanely large amount of games. To name a few, Brand has a pick rate of 34% and a ban rate of 34%. Anivia has a pick rate of 23% and a ban rate of 17%. Poppy has a pick rate of 31% and a ban rate of **60%!!!** Morgana has a pick rate of 30%. Kayn has a pick rate of 30% and ban rate of 54%. Taric has a 20% pick rate and 45% ban rate. Darius has a 30% pick rate and 54% ban rate (All of these taken from here: The highest ban rate on Summoner's Rift is just 5% for Yasuo (taken from Again, to repeat myself, Twisted Treeline has been so stupidly neglected that when obvious champions are broken (or metas), nothing is done and nothing can be done from the players perspective. Thus, the ban rate skyrockets. The viable champion pool is so incredibly small, it's actually disgusting. The support comp (only viable meta) has inevitably pushed the viable champion pool to be so incredibly limited, that playing the same champions and facing the same champions is so damn boring and stale. #3. Altars have zero impact There are two altars, one for each side of the jungle. If a player stands on the altar for 9 seconds, their team will capture it for 90 seconds. If a team controls one buff, they gain 10% bonus movement speed. If they control both, they gain 1% maximum health on a minion kill. They also grant 80g to each member when captured. Invading the enemy jungle is so incredibly risky to do. Because of the raw natural and size of the map, rotating can be done in the blink of an eye. An invading jungler will get 3v1ed so quickly that the other players cannot even react. Even if both laners have priority, the enemy team can clear the wave and rotate with roughly a 5 second delay. With that being said, the jungle camps are almost always waiting to respawn. Thus, the only reason to invade would be to steal an altar. As mentioned before, around a 5 second delay in laner reaction is still 4 seconds off grabbing an altar (takes 9 seconds). Not to mention that fact that any single damage that a player takes while on the altar will completely stop progression towards capturing it. Brand passive, for example, will completely delay and destroy the whole purpose of the invade. Furthermore, Brand's W will cover the entire altar. This is just one example. The jungler can also throw any skill shot towards the altar and delay for his/her teammates. The reward of getting 1% health back on minion kill is so incredibly worthless for the price and risk that it takes to successfully accomplish capturing an altar. Also, the map is again extremely small. With that being said, recalling and walking back to lane is so much faster than being able to utilize the double altar buff of healing on minion kills. And only 1% of health back is nowhere near enough to do anything. #4. Ghost Relic There is a relic located exactly in the middle of the map. I don't really know what the purpose of it is. You get a an extremely small amount of health back and so much less mana. I think the intention is so that teams can fight over it, but it is so useless in power that nobody really cares about. Not only that, but the location is very small and enclosed. No team even bothers to fight in that area. **I think I could go over more small things, but these are the things I felt were most important. Here are some answers to possible questions regarding my thoughts (and anyone who has played 3's in their lifetime).** * "If support meta is so broken just ban it during champ select." Support comp is much more than just a champion. As seen above, there are a few champions that can easily fit into the support role. Tanks like Poppy and Sej work just fine. With only three bans per team, even the tiny champion pool is sufficient enough to pull it off. There is no banning the support comp and people who play 3's will understand this. Not only that, but carries sometimes require bans like Darius, etc. There are so many bans needed, and with only three bans it makes it impossible to stop the support comp. * "Nobody cares about Twisted Treeline just shut up" Yeah, there are an extremely small amount of players playing 3v3. However, this is because of the complete neglect that Riot has shown towards it. If Twisted Treeline was updated and shown in every Patch Note or at least some consistently, the popularity of it would definitely rise. A texture update or literally anything would help more players realize the potential of 3v3. Also, there are still players who enjoy 3v3 and would like to see it actually work. Yes, right now 3's are a complete joke, but imagine a Summoner's Rift quality 3v3 map. * "You're just bad" I have been playing since season 2. I've been Diamond in solo queue since around 2013. I've reached Masters in 3v3 and stopped playing purely for my sanity's sake. I know how the game works, at least to a level that is required to make knowledgeable judgement. * "What is your proposed solution if 3v3 is so bad?" Honestly, that is a good question. Making the map larger seems to be one of my most obvious solutions. A larger map would increase the amount of time it takes the support comp to travel from camp to camp and then to lane. This would allow the top laner to shove much harder and more efficiently, as the support comp would be taking much longer to take camps. This would greatly reduce the EXP and gold advantage they gain. I think the complete removal of support items would also be beneficial towards 3v3. There are only three players one a single team. There isn't really a need for a support role. Obviously, one has been found and it works extremely efficiently, but there are two lanes and jungle camps for a reason. The current map seems specifically set for jungle, top, bottom. There isn't a need for a support, and obviously they are completely out of hand in their current state. The removal of support items would completely destroy the ability for the support to buy items and would thus probably solve support comp. Monster Hunter, the buff that reduces minion gold earned by 10 per minion if their owner's gold from minions is greater than half their gold from monsters, could also be increased in order to counteract the support comp. Piggybacking off the larger map idea, increasing the amount of camps would be very beneficial. This would promote jungling and put a much larger role on jungles in general. Invading would be much more promoted, as a team with lane pressure would actually be able to shove and then invade without having to worry about the entire team collapsing instantly because of how small the map is. Vilemaw, essentially the Baron of 3v3, actually does it's job. It's a buff that should be fought over and it can completely turn the tides of a game. That is probably the one thing that is actually doing well. Altars definitely need a rework of some kind. My proposed buffs would be: controlling one altar gives a decent amount of mana regen (mini blue buff) and controlling two could give burn damage on auto (mini red buff). Currently, no red buff or blue buffs exist in 3v3. There are only wraiths (yes still old wraiths not chickens because the map hasn't been updated in 5 years), golems, and wolves so an addition of these buffs would put much more importance on these altars. It would definitely make them an objective to be captured after winning fights or an objective to fight over. Increasing the damage and health that jungle camps do and increasing the relic stats would promote control over the jungle and lanes which would definitely benefit 3v3. Jungles would have something to fight over and this would also promote rotating as a team to control certain objectives. In order to increase popularity, Riot should definitely touch up the graphics. I mean just load up a game and tell how badly you want to throw up. Not only would people be much more curious of 3v3, people might actually go "Yeah, why not I'll give it a try." All of these proposed changes would greatly support the gameplay and overall feel of 3v3. I'm not saying that these are the only good changes and that I am 100% right, but this is definitely a good start. If you have ever played 3v3 in your life, you will know exactly what I am coming from. I've set up a poll to better gauge the response from you guys or girls. I'm 100% up for any kind of criticism or questions or anything really. Any kind of response is better than waiting another 5 years for nothing to be done on such a high potential game mode. Thanks for reading - TwillieTheFirst.
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