I'm surprised no one has been talking about the pace of games.

One of the biggest complaints all season to come out of the Boards was that it felt that games were decided way too quickly.Games felt like they were ending too soon, and that, effectively, the game felt like a coin flip. Thing is.......games are probably ending even quicker now then they were before 8.23 dropped.......and I haven't seen a single complaint out of the Boards because of it. Which kind of makes me wonder....has Riot finally found that middle ground of Western audiences wanting games that don't end so soon, but also Eastern audiences wanting quicker games? Or, has everyone simply gotten used to the amount of time each game takes? Take my games, for example: I'm 10 games in to the preseason changes, and only 3 have gone above 30 minutes (one ended at 30 minutes), and only 1 of those 3 have gone over 35. Not one has reached 40 minutes. So far, the average seems to be about 26 to 28 minutes. For comparison, my games before 8.23 were consistently hitting 30 minutes, and even go beyond 40 minutes regularly. And yet....it doesn't feel like either team has a clear advantage until the 20 minute mark.....at least in my eyes. What are your guys' opinions on this?
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