My thought process whenever I lane against a pantheon.

"I sure hope my team is good because I don't get to do anything for the first 15 minutes of the game no matter what champion I pick or how I play." Can we admit that this is an extremely problematic design in a PvP game? There is literally not a champ you can pick to handle this champ 1v1 in the early game; at best, you can pick something like Malphite and do your best to survive. You still lose, you just lose a bit less. Panth's kit is just too dominant at 1v1 laning early in the game: He has spammable targeted poke that doesn't draw minion aggro, a passive that prevents any sort of retaliation, a targeted gap/closer stun that refreshes said passive, an E that does an insane amount of damage, free crits on low health enemies to nearly guarantee winning close duels, and the ability to take ignite without losing global pressure thanks to his ult. This champ is practically designed to win any possible lane without real counterplay in exchange for falling off late game, which would be an understandable trade off if late game was a consistent occurrence. Anyone who has played the game recently knows this isn't the case. And it's still bullshit for the person that actually has to lane against this guy. There's literally nothing you can do except try your best to scrape out farm early in the game and hope your team holds out long enough for you to have a chance to impact the game. The worst part is that he isn't even weak to compensate for this toxic playstyle with a 53% winrate overall. He doesn't get any easier to deal with in higher elo either; he actually gets even better with a 55.5% winrate in Diamond+. Yorick got left in the dumpster and eventually reworked for doing the exact same thing that Panth is doing, but Panth is better at it than Yorick ever was.
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