New Evelynn is absolute awful. Riot ruins all eve main players

I have played Evelynn{{champion:28}} at least 3000+ times in rank game since Season 2.and only play eve. I have to say that the new Eve is so useless compare to the old one. We have a club that gathers all best eve main players, after we discussed all the changes and we play it, we all think the new one is awful. Old R : AOE damange + massive Shield + Slow ( it is so good in teamfight) New R: AOE damange and stupid mandatory backward (no shield anymore, she is so squash in teamfight. adn the tp why only backward???) Old W: remove all slow and gain massive speed ( this is so useful and help you to gank or escape ) NEW W: charm or slow. ( we think this doesn't make sense, imaging when you ambush an enemy and you use the W they will just immediately run away. it is like telling your enemy you are going to approach them. this is sooooo stupid, in teamfight you have no chance to use it on a ADC, when their ADC see that indicator they run to their support or tank, you have no way to activate this charm. and it takes 2.5 sec make it work, and it disappears fast) the old Q was good, and the New Q is weird, it is unnecessary change. the cooldown is awful. you are like a minion use basic attack to get cs when the Q is in cooldown. Evelynn is a early game champion and now she doesnt have the pre 6 stealth, so she doesnt have the level 2 jungle gank anymore. this is so awful. and makes her hard to gank pre 6 eve players have so many different styles, AD/ hybrid/ AP/ tank/, and now it seems only AP Riot really ruins eve and eve players this time. maybe it is time to quit league
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