Why are people complaining about dragons so much?

I made a video about me loving everything about it and everyone is just complaining. Dragons are weaker early, such as inferanl giving 5% ad/ap instead of 10%, and earth dragon instead of closing games faster with true damage to towers and rushing barons with insane damage comps, it's now resistences, making fights longer due to being tanky and not being as snow bally. People are complaining that there is no comeback potential with dragons, but there is comeback potential. You had 4 dragons worth of time to make a comeback. The dragons are weaker early, until the dragon soul in which the team gets an uber buff. It takes a lot of investment to get 4 dragon kills cleanly and it meant to be a method to close out games reliably instead of teams with 5+ dragons losing the game due to owning the game up until 1 teamfight. It's nice not feeling rushed to end the game and instead have an option to go for late game where your goal is to keep up the objectives and do a big push with the dragon soul and finish it up with an elder. I was originally going to make this about the preseason in general, but I'll keep it simple. I just love everything about this preseason and I am shocked that when riot is attempting to actually slow the pace of the game down, make room for late game strategies and less sustain/poke damage so that champions that specialize it can shine instead of being forgotten is shocking.
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