Do you remember this, Mr. Ghosctrawler?

"Burst is a “bad thing” when it removes counterplay for the other side. When the only realistic answer to “How should I have prevented dying to that assassin?” is “You should have been somewhere else,” then that is a really frustrating situation to be in, the kind of frustration that makes players want to quit your game and play something else. There are, hopefully, answers for when a mage bursts someone down because a lot of their abilities are skill shots, so the answer to the above question can be “Dodge the shot, or get behind minions” or something similar. When a tank bursts you down and the answer is “You have to kite that dude. You can’t just stand toe to toe with him,” then that’s acceptable from our point of view. If the answer is “There is nothing you could have done except be somewhere else,” then it’s the same situation as with assassins, and if we have tanks like that in the game, then we need to fix them." Tell me how the enemy ADC can counter my wukong appearing from no-where, using E+Q+R and deleting him in 0,1 sec while I knock up everyone and get out of the TF with the movement speed buff of NImbus cloak to repeat the same. Note: Say "Dont picking adc" is NOT an acceptable answer {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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