Matchmaking and Ranking

So, I've been having this problem for a while and have hesitated to write on it, thinking, maybe I just have really bad luck. Maybe I'm not as good as I think I am. But... I can't keep telling myself that anymore. Because despite routinely getting positive K/D/A ratios, despite rarely making a wrong or bad move, despite constantly doing everything I need to put my team in a proper position... I always lose. Always. At one point or another, it comes down to three things. 1.) The team doesn't communicate or otherwise work together properly. Everyone tries to do their own thing, and promptly spits in my face when I try and organize them 2.) Someone is feeding. Sometimes my ENTIRE team, and usually because of rookie mistakes, like continuing to engage an enemy that they KNOW they can't beat in a fight, or turret diving when they have no mana. As a side note, EVERY Yasuo I've had on my team at any point in time has fed, to the point that i either ban him, or dodge when I see one, and I HATE, ABHOR, ABSOLUTELY DESPISE dodging, so that's how you KNOW there is a problem. 3.) The team is toxic. Full of people that constantly blame everyone else for their own mistakes, which loops right back to reason one. No teamwork. At some point, I was statistically bound to end up with a solid team, but... that hasn't happened once. I'm stuck in Bronze II, and I'm probably gonna drop, and it's through little to no fault of my own. And that's what pisses me off. Not quite that I keep getting bad teams. But because I'm dropping in rank despite my performance being fine. I climbed to Silver IV last season playing only hypercarries, but that's not working for me now, because I just CAN'T rely on my team, ever. The enemy team always has flawless coordination, but my team has none, and refuses to listen when I try to organize them. The potential solutions I propose are thus. One, start grouping people together based on individual performance, taking into account average gold earned per match, K/D/A ratio, damage dealt and take, and role and champion specific performances. Two, and this I would VERY much prefer, is to RANK people on individual performance, or at least heavily mitigate the loss of points based on performance in a losing match. Because it sucks when you go 9 and 0, participating in every teamfight, but get dropped a rank because the rest of your team was feeding or split up or something like that. You could create separate ranking systems for an individual's skill alongside the current ranking system. I would be perfectly fine with that, just... stop punishing me for what my team does. Please. It's breaking my heart that I just CAN'T claw my way up the ranks because everyone I get matched with doesn't play the game like a team game.
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