You know what would allow junglers their 200+ EXP camps and megacarry champion pool?

Vision. That's the simplest answer. The problem with being ganked at low levels is that _you have been slowly removing the counterplay, Riot._ Pink wards are useless if you don't have complete lane dominance. Popping one down is a free 30g for the enemy team unless they die for looking at it (or you place it too close to the wall so ranged attacks can reach.) Think of this: the basic warding trinket has a CD that's thrice the duration of the ward itself, meaning -- using Bot as the _best, least annoying_ example -- you can be aware of the fact you can (or cannot) make plays for the first three minutes of the game. Then on, you'll need to be playing like a bitch under tower or to the rightmost side of the lane (not that it helps against champions like Sejuani) for the next nine minutes. Nine freaking minutes. I'll have my finished support item before I can place another ward. The lack of vision is a problem. It's what has caused this hate for a role, and the regret that it was trashed. Junglers decide the game **because** you have no way to know about them. Sure, you can be somewhat _aware_ of where they are on the map, but humans will be humans and do unusual and inefficient or improper things that may end well (or badly) for you and your team. Lv2 ganks. Lv1 ganks. Lv3 cheese. Ganks after the enemy team has recalled. I can go on. If you allow us all reasonable vision, you can allow the enemy jungler to be as healthy and well-leveled as their Mid... because you, like, have a way to deal with them before they leap onto you because you left tower range. Don't like that enemy Kha'Zix? Buy three wards for 45g a pop and place them down in the small bushes within the river. Don't like the enemy Kayn? Place a ward behind the walls in the enemy jungle. ...or you can keep on the path you're currently walking where it's the most impactful role solely because it's the most unknown and snowball-oriented, all because you can't actually **see** them until they're on top of you or a teammate. That's O.K too. Edit: buying wards to be aware of the enemy jungler's movements would become a viable strategy, if dangerous. Caught warding them out? U's a ded boi. Caught them low on health because they're being reckless? They's a ded boi instead. The price attached to wards would allow both early junglers their clears unless the Mid or Top or AD or support gave a large portion of their buy money up for what's basically a complete gamble that could even get them killed for warding it out, and in general having vision off a timer and on a budget would do well for alleviating the issues people have with "support has too much money!" as well. It kills two birds you had set loose, with one stone.
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