Ekko is about 75% of the time played as a tank

Yet, he was released as a "Skirmishing Assassin" who was built around high AP scaling, in and out fighting mechanics, and a burst based damaging kit. Look at his champion spotlight, no where is it showing him going full tank. I am curious as to how has this was allowed to become the accepted worse play style? Now Ekko is played as a full tank with maybe 1 - 2 damaging items at most, and usually not very high AP scaling ones to boot. {{item:3078}} actually has 0 AP. Usually he only grabs either {{item:3157}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3152}} {{item:3027}} or {{item:1082}} if he wants an actual AP item. None of which (besides maybe {{item:3027}}) are considered high AP items. Usually those are taken more for their other stats than with whatever AP they give. Now, don't misunderstand me. I am not QQ about tank Ekko, I am asking how a proposed "Skirmishing Assassin" ended up becoming one of the most played tanks, a complete opposite role to what was intended. Why was this allowed to happen? Shouldn't RIOT try and keep their intended champion's role to be maintained? He clearly is intended to be an assassin (or so the client says) with a secondary being a fighter. So why is it permitted to be the other way around? Shouldn't a champions primary role be their actual primary play style? If Ekko is ever to return to being a primarily played assassin, her is my suggestion as to how to get him there. It is quite simple actually, **remove his passive % missing health base damage on his W, or in other words make it entirely scaling. Instead of 3% (+1% per 33 AP), make it 1%/2%/3%/4%/5% AP based on the abilities rank. ** Having 3% missing health damage (when target is under 30% max health) at rank 1 as a base is pretty good, especially since it also has +1% per 33 AP, in which runes and a {{item:1056}} or {{item:1082}} can easily give you a free 1% right off the bat. This is a god send for any champions who does not wish to build damage based items/builds. And with no incentive to put any more ranks into it to boost the passive, Ekko can rank up his Q and E freely, without worrying about his executing damage on his W falling off. Also having 150% AP scaling on the shield is pretty nice. So much free AP scaling makes this ability OK to leave at rank 1 until its the last ability to be ranked up.
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