Ranked is to rigged to continue playing it solo queue coin flip heads or tails

season 9 has far been the worst season. people with negative winrates the amount of toxic runes and game play matchmaking not to mention every thing else matchmaking in gold throws a random silver on your team while they have stronger team guess what they win. grasp of the undying needs fucking changing to basic attacks in combat not these poking abusing champs dark seal needs removing In preseason i flew 3 accounts to gold 1 2 in like 50 games im now sitting on 200 games plus boncing to gold 4 to 3 then get gold 3 then placed with silver 2 when im gold 4 i play with gold 4 how the fuck can i move up a divison and then get shitter players the system is designed to keep you stuck or play more games fact of the matter is as soon as i get gold 3 my teams are legit wank then i drop again ive seen this so many times even on my other account the system is 100% rigged people are in these elo on inflated mmr and the amount of smurfing even tho i do it from other ranks cause matchmaking sucks i think its time to leave league of legends and move on i know the games rigged ive said it for years, meanwhile people getting master in 40 games the amount of toxic and unwelcoming people in the game is the reason. but let me tell you this the reason why league is toxic is becuase of riot them selfs for bad champion design bad runes and this call of duty play style !!! when you had champs like yasuo and zoe that contuine to flow out of control. RIOT ARE INCAPABLE of balancing the game to wear it doesnt need to be fuckked with look at football for many many years its 11 players and a goal keeper 1 ball and 2 goals the game doesnt change the players do the fact riot have ruined this game and it will decline this game is nothing but a addiction and it brings bad mental health its not the player base thats toxic its riot them selfs. they dont change things that the community wanted changed... If they wanted yasuo changed then change him. he effects 99% of players not the 1% the game is rigged to keep you low rank this is why ive stated make a 1 vs 1 queue I WILL BE CHALLENGER !!!!! i cant or havent got the brain to carry 4 people every game or get placed againsnt a bs champion i think its time to stop playing rigged rank a reward or icon wow for hours of stress and frustation when u can achiveve more playing a 1 vs 1 queue on aram keep locking players on Summoners rigged rift rigged rank rigged rank @riotsapmagic i suggest you change the system for low ranks and pair golds with golds not silvers and gold its random to keep it rigged the mmr system is a fraud its rigged> contact me on twitch mrgproductions you need to change this game for 99% of the player base and pairing !!!!! becuase i know your system is rigged and its why i cant climb outta gold in the season but blast through it in preseason when its more troll and toxic funny that
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